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The use of environmentally-friendly aerosol and non-aerosol sprays is of central importance to us. In fact, it is in the interest of us all. Hence our focus on intelligent solutions when it comes to packaging your products.

Our aerosol cans and packaging materials represent the state-of-the-art in environmentally-friendly technology.

Benefit from our experience as a specialist in product development, manufacturing and packaging, with products that are delivered to your deadlines and meet the most exacting quality standards.

When it comes to manufacturing aerosol and non-aerosol sprays, having the right technical facilities is one thing but dependability is equally important.

You need a partner you can trust to offer a combination of sound knowledge, rigorous process management and strict quality control.

We have a tradition dating back over 50 years of working with aerosol and non-aerosol sprays and of applying environmentally-friendly solutions to the development, manufacturing, bottling and packaging of products.

Our factory consistently works to ISO 9001 standards

ISO 9001 Certified Manufacturing Facilities

General Information



At AEROSAN the flow of raw materials and packaging is controlled by barcode, assuring complete traceability to the relevant delivery. This means that the corresponding batches can be identified and traced just by pushing a button on our sophisticated QA computer system. All QA data is stored specifically for each article and is immediately accessible for most members of staff should customers have any queries.

AEROSAN manufacturs Aerosols and non-aerosols for the following fields:

- Skin Care & Personal Care Aerosols
- Sun Care Aerosols
- Chimical & Technical Aerosol Sprays
- Special Aeroso Sprays using Nano-Technology

We use evironmentally friendliy propellants

AEROSAN produces Aerosols with the following propellants: P/B, O2, CO2, N2O, DME, N - and others in pressurized spray cans for:

  • Perfumes
  • Deodorants
  • Water Sprays
  • Oxygenated-water Sprays
  • Shaving foam
  • Hair Sprays
  • Hair Mousse
  • Lotions
  • Technical Sprays
  • Car Products
  • Air Fresh Sprays
  • Insecticides

They also produce the following Non-Aerosols as Pump Sprays:

  • Perfumes
  • Deodorants
  • Foot Sprays
  • Glass Cleanser
  • Household products
  • Technical Sprays
  • and more

Aerosol Production & Services what we can offer

Production & Services What we can offer:
Development Modification
 Packaging Filling
Cosmetic Products

Technical Products

Household Products

P/B, DME, O2, CO2,   N2O, N2,
Compressed air

3 aerosol filling lines

2 liquid filling lines

Various liquid fillers

Tin plate and  aluminum cans
up to 1000ml

Glass Aerosols

Bag-on-valve systems

Bag-on-can systems








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Aluminium Aerosol Can

Aluminium has become an ideal and well known material in today's packaging world.

Whether used in the household, bath or generally in the cosmetic industries, aluminium is used more often and ican no longer be done without.  For many liquid and gaseous products these aluminium cans and bottles are a perfect  packaging method.
The advantage between glass and  plastic containers are easily recognized:

  • Light and easily transported
  • Not fragile (in comparison to glass)
  • Ecologically harmless (100% re-usable)
  • Rust free, ideal for wet cells
  • UV-Protection increases the durability of the filling
  • Extended guarantee, as there is no contact with oxygen
  • Ideal for pressurized containers

We find solutions for every product...

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In a Nutshell

Our Aerosol Sprays are safe for the environment. Spray cans manufactured in our facilities use only propellants which are safe for the environment and fulfill international regulations for aerosols.

50 years of Experience

We have a tradition dating back over     50 years of working with aerosol and non-aerosol sprays and of applying environmentally-friendly solutions to the development, manufacturing, bottling and packaging of products.

We consistently work to ISO 9001 standards and deliver market-ready products to your deadlines.